Saturday, 26 December 2015

Ladies Shrugs Buying Guide!

After jeans, a shrug has recently become the dearest staple in every woman’s wardrobe! It’s easy to carry and adds a chic feel to one’s outfit. Probably the most sensational ladies fashion garment these days, it’s hard to believe that someone wouldn’t know about shrugs. But still, for those who don’t know what a shrug is, it’s a cropped cardigan-like garment with an open front which usually ends just below the breastbone on a woman.

Monday, 2 November 2015

What to look for when buying Bed Sheets?

After bajjo disowned and left me room-less for months, I realized the importance and joy of having a nice, soft bed sheet that let my body breathe while I slept. Unfortunately, the harsh surface of our couch failed to provide me that comfort and was definitely not pretty to look at either. Since you spend at least 5 – 8 hours with your bed, you should be considerate enough to select a bed sheet that feels comfortable and seems pleasing to the eye as well.
Bed Sheets online shopping in Pakistan is getting popular day-by-day as it allows shoppers to get trendy Bed Sheets at their doorstep without wasting their precious time in local malls and markets.  When buying a bed sheets, always keep a few things in mind like your mattress size, its depth, and the type of fabric, weave and dyes used in their manufacturing.

Saturday, 5 September 2015

Just & Must Ladies Salon -- Personal Experience and Review!

Hello darlings,

I expect you beauties have been well. The reason, I forced my lazy self to sit and blog today is my out of the world salon experience today. Usually, I couldn’t care less about taking regular facials and massages. For me, my daily cleansing routine is enough. However, these summers have been crazy – in an awesome way. I had been exploring all Pakistan from Karachi to Lahore to Naraan to Sari Paya. In an ideal world, my skin should be glowing with the inner peace and happiness I had been experiencing but the prolong exposure to sun, change in climate, lack of sleep and proper skin care took its toll and after a month of adventuring here and there, I got back home tanned and with horrible skin. All I needed was a great deep cleansing/facial to look back my normal self, if not better. Entered my search for a good ladies salon in Faisalabad. Believe you me, finding information for a good salon and spa in Faisalabad online is parallel to finding the secret formula to make atomic bombs at home from scratch!

Monday, 17 August 2015

Clean & Clear Essential Moisturizer – Review!

If you’re a girl like me, who is blessed with oily skin, you would know the struggle of finding the perfect day time moisturizer for you. You know the one that is just light enough to be worn under your makeup and not turn your skin to a grease ball but still good enough to take care of some dry patches you may have here and there. Lucky for me, I found Clean & Clear Essential Moisturizer! You wouldn’t believe how perfect it is for oily skin until you try it for yourself.

Clean & Clear Essential Moisturizer – Review!

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